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How to Promote Your Photography on Instagram

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Everybody knows that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to showcase your photographer’s portfolio, gain more followers and interact with the audience. However, not everybody understands how Instagram can help attract not just followers but real clients. If you are a photographer looking for a way to expand your business, read this article.

1. Use it as an addition to your portfolio
Remember your Instagram account is not your portfolio. Here, you can post backstage photos, share pictures from your daily life and do it informally. People always want to know more about the person who makes these beautiful pictures and are curious to look behind the scenes.

2. Add necessary information to your profile
Don’t forget to add your contact details such as your email and location as well as clear information about what exactly you do as a photographer. For example, it’s good to write the words “Photographer. Based in NY” or even give more details “Food photographer + retoucher.” Of course, potential clients can contact you through Instagram too but adding other contact details would make your account look more professional.

3. Create your style and follow it
Whatever you post, follow your chosen style. If you specialize in wedding photography, you want to address the right audience. Don’t turn your account into a messy mix of everything you see. Find the balance between your personal stuff and your work. Using the same filters might help too.

4. Use proper hashtags
Don’t use the most popular hashtags (like #photography, #wedding or #food, etc.) because your photos will get lost among millions of posts marked with the same words and your posts will get attacked with bots leaving spam comments and likes. Create your own exclusive hashtags and use the ones that don't have more than 250 000 posts associated with. Apps like Tagsdock for iOS and Favtags for Android will help you manage your custom hashtags.

5. Find your rhythm
Choose the right time for posting and stick to it. You can experiment with different timing and decide whether you should post every day or do it once in three days. But if you start to add pictures every day and then forget to post for a week, you will see that your stats will drop.

6. Use emojis 😃
Numerous studies have proven that emojis increase your chance of being noticed by more viewers or readers 🤘. Though don't use too many. One to three smileys in a post will help you build loyal audience.

7. Add descriptions
Posting a photo without any description is as bad as posting a photo with too many words. People are overloaded with information these days and don’t want to read too much unless they know what they read. Giving them brief and clear information about what is in the photo is the best way to keep them loyal.

8. Connect with your fans and photographers you admire
Reply to people who comment on your photos, be polite and confident. Ask simple questions in your captions — people like to answer them and tell their stories. Find the photographers who're work you admire and try to develop relationships with them by leaving thoughtful comments.

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